About Me

Name: Rick Watson

Location: Empire, Alabama

My Thang: Author, Freelance Writer, Singer Songwriter

College: Birmingham Southern

Major: Bidniz


Favorite Book: It Changes (but I love Rick Bragg, and James Lee Burke)

Favorite Movie: A Good Year

Favorite Food: Anything my lovely wife Jilda cooks

Favorite Quote: In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”

― Robert Frost


My favorite songs

1.All Along the Watchtower

2.Time of Your Life

3.I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Life Goes On...Here's the thing Life Goes On is the latest book in the "Life" series. It's available Online at Amazon, or by clicking on the Buy Now Button to get an autographed copy mailed (shipment limited to U.S.)  Sloss Holler Scholar Rick Watson grew up in Sloss Hollow (pronounced holler). Sloss Hollow is a small coal mining community near Dora, Alabama in East Walker County. “The Sloss Holler Scholar” was thought up by Jilda, Rick’s wife of 34 years and songwriting partner. He had been trying to come up with a good title for this first book, which is a compilation of weekly columns written for The Daily Mountain Eagle in Jasper, Alabama. Many of his columns are about growing up in Sloss Hollow. Most of his book titles were so bland, readers would have fallen asleep before ever cracking the cover. Jilda came up with the snappy hook because Scholar rhymed with Holler….once a songwriter, always a songwriter. “I wouldn’t intentionally describe myself a scholar,” Watson says “though I managed to get a Masters Degree from Birmingham Southern College in a mere 29 years. I would describe myself as a student of life, and I have had my share of tests before I got the lessons. Maybe in that regard, I am a scholar.” “I can tell you this, had I realized I was going to write, I would have paid more attention in English class when I was in school,” he explains.